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Discover Your Dream Home with Essence Realty

Here at Essence, we pride ourselves on providing high quality service and client satisfaction. We will always do everything that we can to meet and exceed your expectations.  With a variety of options to choose from, we are confident that you will be pleased with your client experience.  Let Essence Realty assist your family on the move.

Cynthia Walker
Owner/Broker in Charge

Since 1997, Cynthia has been committed to helping people find their dream homes. As a lifelong resident of Charlotte, she is passionate about connecting individuals with properties that highlight the best of the area.


Providing top-notch customer service and expert guidance tailored to your specific needs is what we do. With a deep understanding of the real estate market, we are here to help you explore all available options and choose the one that meets your requirements.

We don't just want you to find a house, but the home of your dreams! Contact us today to begin your homeownership journey. 

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